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The detachment of vertex is the inverse operation of merging vertices s 1 ,. .. , s t into s. We speak about {d 1 ,. .. , d t }-detachment if for the detached graph G the new degrees are specified as d G (s 1) = d 1 ,. .. , d G (s t) = d t. We call a detachment k-feasible if d G (X) ≥ k whenever X separates two vertices of V (G)−s. In our main theorem, we(More)
Failure of local anesthetics is a common problem in dentistry. A sample of 210 dental practitioners was chosen at random and asked to evaluate the significance of anesthesia failure, comparing different injecting techniques. A standardized questionnaire, including a visual analogue scale for quantitative data, was distributed among the participants. The(More)
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