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New limits have been established to decrease mortality and morbidity rates after liver resection in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic patients. Various laboratory data and imaging techniques have been used to complement the Child-Pugh score to predict liver failure after hepatectomy and to assess functional hepatic reserve. The greatest experiences are with the(More)
Although the contraindications for thoracic epidural anesthesia (TEA) are well defined, the debate continues about whether TEA improves outcomes. Pro and con trials and a metaanalysis in the past have yielded equivocal results; they did not deal with new vascular intervention or drugs. The benefit of TEA in surgery is to provide analgesia. In subgroups, TEA(More)
UNLABELLED Liver resection is the curative therapeutic option for hepatocellular carcinoma, biliary tumors, metastases of colorectal and other extrahepatic tumors, living donor liver transplantation and other benign liver diseases. AIM OF STUDY To summarize the evaluation methods of liver function before living donor liver transplantation and liver(More)
The living related donor mortality after liver donation could occur as a result of postoperative cardiovascular and thromboembolic complication; which could be minimized by detailed preoperative assessment of the living donor. The preoperative functional tests evaluate the physiological reserve or identify the living donors with limited response to the(More)
The aim of this study was to analize clinical diagnoses and histopathological reports in 185 cases of male infertility, investigated by testicular biopsies in the period 1993-1997. The classical objective of such investigations has been to clarify either obstructive, or so-called secretory lesions resulting in azoospermia. Histologically normal(More)
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