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Should We Worry About Filter Bubbles?
Some fear that personalised communication can lead to information cocoons or filter bubbles. For instance, a personalised news website could give more prominence to conservative or liberal media
Online Political Microtargeting: Promises and Threats for Democracy
Online political microtargeting involves monitoring people’s online behaviour, and using the collected data, sometimes enriched with other data, to show people-targeted political advertisements.
Tackling the Algorithmic Control Crisis – the Technical, Legal, and Ethical Challenges of Research into Algorithmic Agents
This paper will contribute to the discussion on the relative merits, costs and benefits of different approaches to ethically and legally sound research on algorithmic governance, and suggest a number of concrete suggestions for how to address the practical, ethical and legal challenges of researching algorithms.
Selling News to Audiences – A Qualitative Inquiry into the Emerging Logics of Algorithmic News Personalization in European Quality News Media
Abstract How do news organizations design and implement algorithmically personalized news services? We conducted 16 in-depth interviews with professionals working in European public service
Blockchain and smart contracts: the missing link in copyright licensing?
The article examines the differences between new, smart-contract-based private ordering regime and the fundamental components of copyright law, such as exceptions and limitations, the doctrine of exhaustion, restrictions on formalities, the public domain and fair remuneration.
Mediated Trust – A Theoretical Framework to Address the Trustworthiness of Technological Trust Mediators
This paper introduces the new theoretical concept of technology mediated trust, or in short, mediated trust to capture and analyze the role of complex techno-social assemblages in trust production
Blockchain and the Law: A Critical Evaluation
It is a high-risk, high-reward enterprise to write a scholarly monograph on an emerging technology when its societal use, economic worth, and even its technical design are still in flux. With little
Blockchain Copyright Symposium: Summary Report
A summary of each part and the respective presentations on the legal, business, and policy implications of blockchain technology for copyright in IViR's ‘Blockchain and Copyright Symposium’.
A Short History of the Russian Digital Shadow Libraries
RuNet, the Russian segment of the internet is now the home of the most comprehensive scientific pirate libraries on the net. These sites offer free access to hundreds of thousands of books and
Ensuring the Visibility and Accessibility of European Creative Content on the World Market: The Need for Copyright Data Improvement in the Light of New Technologies
In the European Strategy for Data, the European Commission highlighted the EU’s ambition to acquire a leading role in the data economy. At the same time, the Commission conceded that the EU would