Bakthavachalam Elango

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In this study, the historical roots of tribology (a sub-field of mechanical engineering and materials science) are investigated using a newly developed scientometric method called “Reference Publication Year Spectroscopy (RPYS)”. The study is based on cited references (n = 577,472) in tribology research publications (n = 24,086). The Science Citation(More)
This study aims to assess the nanotribology research output at global level using scientometric tools. The SCOPUS database was used to retrieve records related to the nanotribology research for the period 1996-2010. Publications were counted on a fractional basis. The level of collaboration and its citation impact were examined. The performance of the most(More)
CitNetExplorer has been used to study the citation networks among the scientific publications on tribology during the 15 years period from 1998-2012. Three data sets from Web of Science have been analyzed: (1) Core publications of tribology research, (2) publications on nanotribology and (3) publications of Bharat Bhushan (a top-contributor to nanotribology(More)
Aim The aim of this study is to compare the country output and citation impact as well as to assess the level of interdisciplinarity in the field of tribology research across the period 1998 – 2012. Data & Methods Bibliographic records related to tribology research were extracted from SCOPUS and Web of Science databases for the period of 15 years from 1998(More)
Hardware implementation of neural networks plays a major role in many applications like digital signal processing, pattern recognition, testing of analog circuits etc. The major building blocks for implementation are adder, multiplier and non-linear activation function. A major challenge is faced in the implementation of activation function.Efficiency of(More)
One of the functional memories which stores the huge amount of data and returns the matching data address after comparing the input search data with the stored data. CAM has a single clock cycle throughput so it is faster than other search systems. CAM is also said to be as associative memory, associative storage or associative array. CAM is one type of(More)
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