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Previously, it has been reported that HN1 is involved in cytoplasmic retention and degradation of androgen receptor in an AKT dependent manner. As HN1 is a hormone inducible gene, and has been shown that it is upregulated in various cancers, we studied the importance of HN1 function in β-catenin signaling in prostate cancer cell line, PC-3 and mammary(More)
Epoxy-based adhesives are used as thermal and electrical interfaces. These interfaces require excellent adhesion, heat transfer, and electrical properties. Due to the difference in material properties, adhesive failure and delamination remain an integral part of the reliability issue since adhesive rupture or delamination may induce other electrical or(More)
This paper presents material characterization utilizing static tensile tests until failure and static tests with relaxation segments until failure for commercially available molding compound. In order to model the material behavior quantitatively a non-linear viscoelastic (NLVE) Bergstrom-Boyce model (BB) is proposed. Material constants of the BB model are(More)
Thermoset-based adhesives are used as thermal and electrical interfaces. In automotive applications, they are required to have excellent adhesion since delamination may precipitate other electrical, thermal or mechanical failure mechanisms. A vast amount of literature is available on the investigation of molding compounds and various material interfaces.(More)
Highly filled epoxy-based adhesives are used as thermal and electrical interfaces in automotive electronics. The successful design for reliability of electronic packages depends on understanding and modeling the fatigue behavior of these materials. Both mechanical and thermal loadings are varying in a cyclic manner in test or field conditions. To establish(More)
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