Baki Hekimoğlu

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OBJECTIVE We wanted to compare the clinical usefulness of conventional galactography and MR contrast galactography for diagnosing patients with nipple discharge. MATERIALS AND METHODS Both conventional galactography and MR contrast galactography were performed prospectively in 16 patients. Gadopentate dimeglumine (0.1 ml) was mixed with non-ionic contrast(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasound is as a noninvasive method commonly used in the work-up of thyroid nodules. This study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of sonographic and elastosonographic parameters in the discrimination of malignancy. PATIENTS AND METHODS 150 thyroid nodules were evaluated by gray-scale, Doppler and elastosonography. The cytological analysis(More)
Background. It is crucial to differentiate between reactive and malignant lymphadenopathies. Elastosonography measures the elasticity of the tissue. Having a reference value for benign lymph nodes (LNs) is important in interpretation. The purpose of this study is to determine the reference elastosonography values of cervical LNs. Methods. 97 LNs were(More)
BACKGROUND Pelvic vascular lesions such as pseudoaneurysms and arteriovenous fistulas associated with the internal pudendal artery are uncommon. The most common cause is traumas including those of iatrogenic origin. Surgical treatment is complicated due to location of the lesions and endovascular approach is usually the first choice among the treatment(More)
Heterotaxy syndrome is a rare, complex, and confusing type of the situs anomalies. It is not possible to estimate the degree of lateralization, isomerism, and rotational variation in these types of cases. Heart and abdominal organ anatomy is specific to the individual, and it should be defined specifically on the basis of each case due to possible cardiac(More)
Hydatid disease (HD) continues to be a significant health problem in areas where animal husbandry is common but no proper veterinary control exists. The involvement of the spleen in HD is rare, and isolated splenic involvement is even less common. In this case report, we present isolated splenic HD in a 26-year-old female with complaint of abdominal pain,(More)
The authors report on a case in which a carotid-cavernous fistula and an associated cavernous-carotid dissection developed in a 48-year-old man following a motor vehicle accident. The fistula was treated with coil embolization via a combined transarterial-transvenous approach. The dissected carotid artery segment was treated with a balloon-expandable stent,(More)
In this study we present a novel and landmark-free method for quantifying shape differences between male and female frontal bones. CT scans were recorded for 80 male and 80 female Turkish hospital patients, age 25-40. The frontal bones were first isolated from the 3D models by digital cutting along the bordering sutures, and then aligned to a CAD-based(More)
Facial reconstruction is a technique employed in a forensic investigation as a last resort to recreate an individual's facial appearance from his/her skull. Forensic anthropologists or artists use facial soft tissue thickness (FSTT) measurements as a guide in facial reconstructions. The aim of this study was to develop FSTT values for Central Anatolian(More)
Wallerian degeneration is the process of progressive demyelination and disintegration of the distal axonal segment following the transection of the axon or damage to the neuron. We report a case of a patient with Wallerian degeneration of the pontocerebellar tracts. She had a history of a pontine infarction 3 months ago. Wallerian degeneration of(More)