Bakhytzhan Akhmetov

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Increasing competition in the market of educational services among the universities make the quality of education the main factor of competitiveness. Limited funding and a number of other environmental factors make the management of most universities to reconsider the usual methods of focusing on the strategic development of higher education and science,(More)
This paper considers the analysis of problems and methods of implementation of information systems for monitoring natural and industrial facilities. The new approach of data storage, integration and retrieval developed. The practical applicability confirmed through experience in the development of information systems for the processing and analysis of(More)
The purpose of this research is to offer constructive algorithm for estimator search in one network model under state and measurements attacks. The model is nonstationary descriptor system including difference equations for node state variables and algebraic equations for measurements. State variables and measurements are considered as random vectors. We(More)
The paper presents the impact of external conditions such as: reduced temperature (L), microwave radiation (P), on the stability of Bovine Serum Albumin. As comparison controlled sample was kept in room condition (WP). The protein beyond the wide application in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics drug study, is also widely used in the biosensors(More)
Classic scopes of chi-square have not enough power for effective processing of multiple biometrical data. Shown, that it's possible strengthen the power of static processing on account of using Pearson's private network criteria.
It is shown that the Schrödinger equations are not the only equations that generate difficult splittable continuous-quantum conversion. Such equations are many and each of them can be used to create a continuous quantum processors or accelerators computing. As one example of a simple continuous-quantum equations is considered Chi-square(More)
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