Bakhtiar Yusuf

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This paper discusses the development of robot partner that can perform not only static conversation, but also can perform emotion expression by facial expression, gesture, and word expression using emotional model based on sensor network, therefore it can interact naturally with a person. Generally, the robot has sensors equipped inside it, however to(More)
In developed country such as Japan, aging has become a serious issue, as there is a disproportionate increasing of elderly population who are no longer able to look after themselves. In order to tackle this issue, we introduce human-friendly robot partner to support the elderly people in their daily life. However, to realize this, it is essential for the(More)
Most of the studies on reliability characteristics of redundant systems deal with cold standby systems only. Little attention is paid on 2-out-of-3 warm standby system involving three types of failures. In this study models for mean time to system failure and availability have been developed to study the effect of failure rate on some measures of system(More)
The development of robot partners for supporting daily life of human has been increasing recently. One main feature in developing such robot is the communication system. The main issues to be solved are, what kind of information can be provided, when the information is provided, how to convey the information and so on. In this paper, we try to solve these(More)
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