Bakbintang Janowski

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Suppressed pulsatile GH secretion in food-deprived rats has been hypothesized to be due to an increase in hypothalamic somatostatin secretion. We investigated this hypothesis and the role of GHRH in regulating GH secretion during food deprivation using two different models. In experiment one, rats were food deprived for 72h during which time they received a(More)
Let be a univalent sense-preserving harmonic mapping of the open unit disc D = {z⎜ ⎜z⎜ < 1}. If f satisfies the condition ⎜ω(z)⎜= < k, 0 < k < 1, then is called k-quasiconformal harmonic mapping in D. The main purpose of this paper was to give some properties of the class of k-quasiconformal mappings related to Janowski starlike functions.
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