Baixing Quan

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STT-RAM has emerged as one of the most promising candidates for future on-chip cache due to STT-RAM's high density and low leakage. However, the STT-RAM has many disadvantages, such as: high write energy and long writing latency. To alleviate the problems, many STT-RAM and SRAM hybrid cache architectures have been proposed. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Along with the mobile Internet growing up, mobile terminal device are becoming more and more multiplicity and the application development are become more difficult. In this paper, we propose a cross-platform application development environment supported by cloud service. This development environment abstract hardware capability makes developers needn't(More)
As the recent flourishing of mobile Internet, smart terminals such as netbook, MID and smartphone are the major devices for mobile Internet. However, programming on this new generation of hardware is never taught in existing software courses. This paper takes the instance of the course 'Software Development on Smart Terminals', which has been recently(More)
The emerging Spin Torque Transfer memory (STT-RAM) appeared to be a promising candidate for future on-chip caches because of its high storage density, zero leakage power consumption, long endurance, high access speed etc. However, before the STT-RAM can be deployed in on-chip caches, there is one critical issue that has to be solved: the high write current(More)
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