Bainian Sun

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Two new species, Castanopsis praefissa R.Y. Li et B.N. Sun sp. nov. and Castanopsis praeouonbiensis R.Y. Li et B.N. Sun sp. nov., are described from fossil specimens collected from the upper Miocene Shengxian Formation, Zhejiang Province, Southeast China. The fossil leaves are obovate to elliptical with serration mostly confined to the upper 1/3 of the(More)
Several studies have investigated both the paleoclimate and the well-preserved fossil remains from the middle Miocene found in China's Fujian Province. This study describes two new species of Meliolinites, including their fungal hyphae, reproductive structures, and spores. The distribution of modern Meliolaceae indicates that they live in warm, humid,(More)
Macrofossils of Carpinus have been widely reported from the Cenozoic of the Northern Hemisphere. However, the leaf cuticules of the genus have rarely been described. A new species, named Carpinus tengchongensis Dai et B.N. Sun, sp. nov., is identified based on 13 leaf fossils, collected from the late Pliocene Mangbang Formation, Tengchong County of Yunnan(More)
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