Bainan Xia

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There has recently been much interest in understanding societal networks, consisting of interconnected communication, transportation, energy and other networks that are important to the functioning of society. Research into these networks often takes the form of behavioral studies on decision making by the participants, and whether it is possible to provide(More)
This article focuses on the object-oriented software process. It compares three most popular software processes: RUP (Rational Unified Process), OPEN (Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation), and OOSP (Object-oriented software process); then it carries out an Enhanced RUP based on the advantages of OPEN and OOSP. By setting up a simple model, it(More)
In competitive electricity market systems such as Texas, Load Serving Entities (LSEs) purchase energy in a wholesale market and then sell it in a retail market. In wholesale market, LSEs see dynamic real-time prices, whereas in retail market, LSEs typically provide flat rate contracts to end-consumers. An intuitive idea to induce savings for LSEs is to(More)
Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) mainly adopts IEEE 802.11g standards. And a binary exponential backoff algorithm is adopted to prevent channel collision, which also introduces reduction of the performance of the network. In this paper, an integrated control mechanism (ICM) is proposed which combines a centrally controlled approach and a distributed access(More)
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