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We present a new wavelet software system, GM-Waves, and illustrate some of its features in the context of the study of methods for wavelet shrinkage and their application to curve and surface fitting, smoothing and denoising by wavelets. The purpose of this paper is to introduce for the first time the new wavelet software system GM-Waves, and to illustrate(More)
The maglev bogie is the key subsystem for maglev train security. To ensure life and property security, it is essential to evaluate its risk level before its operation. However, due to the complexity and uncertainties of maglev bogies, a comprehensive and effective risk analysis method is needed. In this paper, a combinational method of analytic hierarchy(More)
As a new-type rail transportation tool, the medium and low speed maglev train will assume the arduous task of the urban rail transportation. Whether it can run safely and reliably relates directly to the life and property safety, and meanwhile relates to the sustainable development of the maglev transportation industry. This paper provides the general(More)
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