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With the fusion of cloud computing and virtualization technology, system security under virtualization becomes a key point in recent research. As a foundational technology to construct a secure system, virtual machine introspection receives more attention than ever. Almost all of the existing virtual machine monitors take the privileged virtual machine(More)
The goal of information integration is to provide uniform access interface to a set of heterogeneous and autonomous information sources. In this paper, an information integration framework is implemented to meet this goal using the technologies of grid and XML in two steps: schema integration and instance integration. This paper describes this framework in(More)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications are highly demanding for parallel computing. Many such applications have been shifted from expensive MPP boxes to cost-effective clusters. Auto-CFD is a pre-compiler which transforms Fortran CFD sequential programs to efficient message-passing parallel programs running on clusters. Our work has the following(More)
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