Bailing Zhou

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A new closed-loop drive scheme which decouples the phase and the gain of the closed-loop driving system was designed in a Silicon Micro-Gyroscope (SMG). We deduce the system model of closed-loop driving and use stochastic averaging to obtain an approximate "slow" system that clarifies the effect of thermal noise. The effects of mechanical-thermal noise on(More)
The performance of silicon micro-gyroscope (SMG) is influenced deeply by quadrature error and offset error. The reasons for inducing quadrature error and offset error are analyzed and the expressions of quadrature error and offset error are enduced. In order to eliminate the effects of the quadrature error and offset error, as well as the inherent non-(More)
Reservoir resettlement management is the fundamental project to the success of construction of reservoir. Due to the diversity of types of engineering data and trivial content as well as wide range of covers, modern technologies like GIS are required to build the information system and to achieve systematic management of data which can be displayed through(More)
The working principle of Micromechanical Resonator is introduced by using control theory. The Q of the MEMS resonator is very important under different vacuum condition. Theoretically, the sense mode motion is amplified by the mechanical quality factor of the sense mode when the two frequencies are closely matched. To achieve a high stability driving not(More)
In order to design a quartz accelerometer with high-precision vibration characteristics and strong resistance to external shock, a novel double-ended tuning fork quartz accelerometer that combines the well-known principles of the tuning fork techniques is developed. The mechanical structure of the double-ended tuning fork quartz accelerometer comprises of a(More)
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