Bailing Tian

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This paper investigates the problem of tracking control with uncertainties for a flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle (FAHV). In order to overcome the analytical intractability of this model, an Input-Output linearization model is constructed for the purpose of feedback control design. Then, the continuous finite time convergence high order sliding(More)
A nonlinear robust control strategy for hypersonic vehicle in tracking the responses to a step change in altitude and airspeed is proposed. The vehicle model is nonlinear, multivariable, unstable, and includes uncertain parameters. Firstly, the analysis is conducted for the hypersonic vehicle model via input-output (I/O) linearized technique. Secondly, the(More)
This article shows the controller design problem of a flexible air-breathing hypersonic vehicle in the presence of input constraint and aerodynamic uncertainty. A control-oriented model, derived from curve-fitted model, is reasonably decomposed into subsystems that include velocity subsystem, altitude and flight path angle subsystem and angle of attack and(More)
3DOF ascent phase trajectory optimization problem for minimum fuel-to-climb is investigated in the research. The Gauss Pseudospectral Method (GPM) and adaptive strategy is proposed to transcribe the trajectory optimization problem into a Nonlinear Program Problem (NLP). Then, the Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) integrated in a sparse nonlinear(More)
A robust finite time slidingmode control strategy is proposed in this paper for a flexible air-breathinghypersonic vehicle (FAHV) model with aerodynamic parameter uncertainty. The strong coupling among theaerodynamics, the propulsion system and the flexibility effects makes the problem more challenging. Firstly, toreduce the complexity of the controller(More)
In this paper, the nonminimum phase problem of a flexible hypersonic vehicle is investigated. The main challenge of nonminimum phase is the prevention of dynamic inversion methods to nonlinear control design. To solve this problem, we make research on the relationship between nonminimum phase and backstepping control, finding that a stable nonlinear(More)
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