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An improvement method for the pose accuracy of a robot manipulator by using a multiple-sensor combination measuring system (MCMS) is presented. It is composed of a visual sensor, an angle sensor and a series robot. The visual sensor is utilized to measure the position of the manipulator in real time, and the angle sensor is rigidly attached to the(More)
Trust negotiation is an approach that establishes mutual trust between strangers wishing to share resources or conduct business by gradually requesting and disclosing digitally signed credentials. Sometimes negotiators do not have very strict security requirements or the efficiency is the most crucial need. In such cases, it is preferable to adopt schemes(More)
Coordinate transformation plays an indispensable role in industrial measurements, including photogrammetry, geodesy, laser 3-D measurement and robotics. The widely applied methods of coordinate transformation are generally based on solving the equations of point clouds. Despite the high accuracy, this might result in no solution due to the use of ill(More)
Automated trust negotiation (ATN) offers an attractivemeans for trust establishments, which establishesmutual trust among strangers wishing to share resources or conduct business, but it comes at the cost of non-trivial computation and communication overheads. The deployment of ATN strategies on a resource-constrained mobile device may lead to(More)