Baikuntha Narayan Biswal

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Testing of software is a time-consuming activity which requires a great deal of planning and resources. Model-based testing is gaining importance as a research issue. In scenario-based testing, test scenarios are used for generating test cases, test drivers etc. UML is widely used to describe analysis and design specifications of software development. UML(More)
The wide spread interest in slicing of object-oriented software has led to the birth of number of algorithms. Nowadays, slicing of object-oriented programs has picked up the momentum as most of the real world programs are object-oriented in nature. The algorithms which are available of-the-self, address different issues in their own ways. In this paper, we(More)
This paper proposes a novel static slicing technique for object-oriented programs which are generic in nature. Many algorithms have been proposed so far for object-oriented programs. There are also few algorithms which describe slicing of inter-procedural object-oriented programs. But till date there is no algorithm proposed so far for slicing of(More)
Testing is the process of building confidence of the programmer that shows, the software does what it is intended to do, which in turn improves the reliability of the software. And automation of software testing process helps in achieving it with reduced cost and time. Test case generation is one part of the testing process with description of a test and(More)
Testing is an important part of quality assurance in the software development life cycle. As the complexity and size of software grow, more and more time and man power are required for testing the software. Manual testing is very much labor-intensive and error-prone. So there is a pressing need to develop the automatic testing strategy. Test case generation(More)
This paper presents an efficient classification algorithm for categorizing evolutionary organisms using slicing techniques. Dynamic slicing excels in tracing out dependencies between executable statements. The nature of these dependencies aids in the determination of control statements in a program. Dynamic slicing technique imbibes the run time execution(More)
Regression testing is a signi ̄cant, but one of the most unexplored area in software engineering. Regression testing also forms a major part of the software maintenance process . In this paper, we propose a new technique to select a subset of the existing pool of test data to rerun, so that the a®ected parts of the program can be tested. Our approach, takes(More)
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