Baikuntha Narayan Biswal

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The wide spread interest in slicing of object-oriented software has led to the birth of number of algorithms. Nowadays, slicing of object-oriented programs has picked up the momentum as most of the real world programs are object-oriented in nature. The algorithms which are available of-the-self, address different issues in their own ways. In this paper, we(More)
A neural network model that exhibits stochastic population bursting is studied by simulation. First return maps of interburst intervals exhibit recurrent unstable-periodic-orbit(UPO)-like trajectories similar to those found in experiments on hippocampal slices. Applications of various control methods and surrogate analysis for UPO detection also yield(More)
Testing of software is a time-consuming activity which requires a great deal of planning and resources. Model-based testing is gaining importance as a research issue. In scenario-based testing, test scenarios are used for generating test cases, test drivers etc. UML is widely used to describe analysis and design specifications of software development. UML(More)
A biologically plausible, stochastic, neural network model that exhibits spontaneous transitions between a low-activity (normal) state and a high-activity (epileptic) state is studied by computer simulation. Brief excursions of the network to the high-activity state lead to spontaneous population bursting similar to the behavior observed in hippocampal(More)
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