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The poor integration with host cornea tissue and the low mechanical properties of pHEMA hydrogel for artificial cornea remains a difficult problem to solve. A modified pHEMA hydrogel, MMA copolymerized and type-I collagen and bFGF immobilized, was previously prepared in an attempt to solve the problems. In this study, the cytotoxicity of Col/bFGF-p(More)
The degradation of cell walls isolated from stems and leaves of perennial ryegrass by the anaerobic fungus Neocallimastix sp. strain CS3b was studied in a defined medium. The combined cellulose and hemicellulose fraction represented 53.1 (wt/wt) and 63.3% (wt/wt) of the dry weight of control grass leaf and stem cell walls, respectively. In both leaf and(More)
Type-I collagen and bFGF were immobilized onto the surface of poly (HEMA-co-MMA) hydrogel by grafting and coating methods to improve its cytotoxicity. The multi-layered structure of the biocompatible layer was confirmed by FTIR, AFM and static water contact angles. The layers were stable in body-like environment (pH 7.4). Human skin fibroblast cells (HSFC)(More)
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