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Broadband Photovoltaic Detectors Based on an Atomically Thin Heterostructure.
A MoS2-graphene-WSe2 heterostructure for broadband photodetection in the visible to short-wavelength infrared range at room temperature that exhibits competitive device performance, including a specific detectivity of up to 10(11) Jones in the near-infrared region.
Nontrivial Berry phase and type-II Dirac transport in the layered material PdT e 2
Recently, the picture of type-II energy dispersion with broken Lorentz invariance has been adapted from Weyl to Dirac fermions. It is demonstrated in PdTe${}_{2}$ in this paper by extensive evidence
Integrated digital inverters based on two-dimensional anisotropic ReS2 field-effect transistors
Semiconducting two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides are emerging as top candidates for post-silicon electronics. While most of them exhibit isotropic behaviour, lowering the lattice
Suppression of superconductivity in epitaxial NbN ultrathin films
This paper studies the suppression of superconducting transition temperature (T(c)) of ultrathin NbN film. We fabricated epitaxial NbN superconducting thin films of thicknesses ranging from 2.5 to
Towards intrinsic charge transport in monolayer molybdenum disulfide by defect and interface engineering.
A facile low-temperature thiol chemistry route is developed to repair the sulfur vacancies and improve the interface, resulting in significant reduction of the charged impurities and traps, providing a clear path towards intrinsic charge transport in two-dimensional dichalcogenides for future high-performance device applications.
Simulation and detection of dirac fermions with cold atoms in an optical lattice.
Through explicit calculations, it is shown that both the Bragg spectroscopy and the atomic density profile in a trap can be used to demonstrate the Dirac fermions and the associated phase transition.
Time-reversal-symmetry-broken quantum spin Hall effect.
It is found that the QSH state characterized by nonzero spin Chern numbers C(±) = ±1 persists when the TR symmetry is broken, and it is shown that the transition from the TR-symmetry-broken QSH phase to an ordinary insulator state cannot happen without closing the band gap.
Pressure-driven dome-shaped superconductivity and electronic structural evolution in tungsten ditelluride
Tungsten ditelluride may provide a new platform for the understanding of superconductivity phenomena in transition metal dichalcogenides because of the presence of a small, sensitive Fermi surface of 5d electronic orbitals.
Realization of Room‐Temperature Phonon‐Limited Carrier Transport in Monolayer MoS2 by Dielectric and Carrier Screening
By combining a high-κ dielectric substrate and a high density of charge carriers, Coulomb impurities in MoS2 can be effectively screened, leading to an unprecedented room-temperature mobility and phonon-limited transport in a monolayer MoS 2 transistor for the first time.
Gate-tunable negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in the predicted type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2
By performing systematic magneto-transport studies on thin films of a predicted material candidate WTe2, this work observes notable negative longitudinal magnetoresistance, which can be attributed to the chiral anomaly in WSM and demonstrates that the Fermi energy can be in-situ tuned through the Weyl points via the electric field effect.