Baidyanath Chatterjee

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Of the 152 cases of acute diarrhoea, 124 (81.5%) revealed potential pathogens. Altogether 27 (21.2%) out of 127 strains of Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter, Proteus and Acinetobacter produced enterotoxin. Single pathogenic bacteria (40 cases 26.3%), parasite (6; 6%), rota virus (6; 6%), toxigenic bacteria (19; 12.5%) and mixed agents(More)
V. parahaemolyticus has been detected from flies in all months of the year in Calcutta. The mean percentage of isolation is: housefly 14.1, blue bottle fly 18.5, external washing 10.1, viscera 22.6, flies of sweet shops 9.7 and those from fish market 22.7. Flies revealed higher (4.4%) isolation of Kanagawa postive V. parahaemolyticus strains than those of(More)
The microflora of the small and large intestine was determined in 17 adults with acute undifferentiated diarrhea in Calcutta, India. On the basis of bacteriologic findings, the patients could be divided into two groups: those with a predominant flora of Escherichia coli (eight patients) and those with a mixed coliform flora (nine patients). In the former(More)