Baidya Nath Ray

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This paper deals with design and test of Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) based linear analog circuit. Four different types of filters, biquadratic, band pass, low pass, and all pass, operated at high frequencies are configured. The test and diagnosis scheme relies on the Nyquist Shape of transfer function of the analog circuit. Monte Carlo(More)
This paper reports a comprehensive solution for the problem of test and diagnosis of OTA based analog circuits. Based on the parametric deviation of circuit components, a test and diagnosis methodology is proposed. Compressed signature generated out of multiple performance parameters has resulted in significant enhancement in fault diagnosing capability.(More)
This paper proposes a high data rate, low-power, low-voltage design of OTA-based M-ary ASK, FSK and QAM modulator and demodulator circuits. Conventional D/A converter of M-ary circuit has been replaced with the operational transconductance ampli ̄er-based n-bits to 2n level converter which operates with input frequencies up to 2.1GHz. OTA-based oscillator(More)
This paper presents a novel programmable biquadratic filter structure using a network of operational transconductance amplifier(OTA). A new hierarchical design methodology of programmable higher order analog filter using the proposed biquadratic function as the basic building block has been discussed. The proposed biquadratic structure offers multifunction(More)
A systematic synthesis approach for designing a voltage-mode multifunction operational transconductance amplifier (OTA)-C biquadratic has been described using programmable first order filter. The proposed filter shows lower sensitivities, high frequency response, lower output noise. The proposed second order filter has been converted to third order(More)