Baibhab Chatterjee

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This work presents the design and analysis of a mixed-signal neuron (MS-N) for convolutional neural networks (CNN) and compares its performance with a digital neuron (DigN) in terms of operating frequency, power and noise. The circuitlevel implementation of the MS-N in 65 nm CMOS technology exhibits 2-3 orders of magnitude better energy-efficiency over DigN(More)
This work presents a process, voltage and temperature (PVT) invariant tunable voltage reference generator in 180 nm CMOS technology. Using weighted averaging of tuned PTAT and CTAT voltages at zero temperature coefficient point, the proposed design exhibits only ±0.28% variation in post-layout simulation across process corners over a temperature(More)
Emerging health-monitor applications, such as information transmission through multi-channel neural implants, image and video communication from inside the body etc., calls for ultra-low active power (<50μW) high data-rate, energy-scalable, highly energy-efficient (pJ/bit) radios. Previous literature has strongly focused on low average power duty-cycled(More)
This paper presents a low power integrated wireless telemetry system (Bio-WiTel) for healthcare applications in 401- 406 MHz frequency band of Medical Device RadioCommunication (MedRadio) spectrum. In this work, necessary design considerations for telemetry system for short range (upto 3 m) communication of bio-signals are presented. These considerations(More)
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