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Soluble mercury contents in Baochi San, Xiaoer Zhibon Ding and Xiaoer Baishou Dan have been determined using dithizone method. This method has the advantages of short digestion time, clear digestion end point, simple operation and reproducible results. The recovery rate ranges from 98.4 to 103%. The data obtained can be used as a reference for controlling(More)
Non-point source loads of heavy metals from contaminated soil has increasingly become the major cause of heavy metal concentrations of rivers and lakes surpassed the limitation value, while only few studies had focused on quantitative monitoring of soil heavy metal transportation to water, in situ field conditions. As reported, agricultural farmland heavy(More)
Owing to the strong ability to immobilize and hyperaccumulate some toxic heavy metals in contaminated soils, the biochar, lime and such as hyperaccumulator ramie received increasing interests from crops and environment safety in recent years. Outdoor pot experiment was conducted to compare the impacts of lime and biochar addition in paddy rice treatment,(More)
To assess the pollution situation and human health risks, the concentrations of heavy metals Pb, Cd, Cu, and Zn in paddy soils and white rice around seven mining-affected areas in Hunan Province were analyzed. The ranges of concentrations of Pb (23.9–1595.8 mg kg−1), Cd (0.3–9.5 mg kg−1), Cu (31.2–321.5 mg kg−1) and Zn (56.1–3478.9 mg kg−1) in all paddy(More)
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  • Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao…
  • 1991
Determination and comparison of arsenic contents in 11 samples of calcination and pig native copper have been conducted. The results reveal that arsenic contents in pig native copper are about 10 times of those in the calcination samples. Therefore the toxic effect of native copper can be eliminated or reduced.
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