Bai-lin Niu

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Human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) has been identified as an ideal tumor-associated antigen (TAA). Use of a synthetic hTERT epitope peptide to pulse dendritic cells can induce autologous T cell anti-tumor immune responses, but such responses induced by a single epitope peptide have been shown to be weak and a narrow-spectrum. Here, we designed(More)
Previous studies showed that Math1 homologous to human Hath1 can cause mouse goblet cells to differentiate. In this context it is important that the majority of colon cancers have few goblet cells. In the present study, the potential role of Hath1 in colon carcinogenesis was investigated. Sections of paraffin-embedded tissues were used to investigate the(More)
Cognitive impairment has been a common complication of diabetic. Recent evidences have pointed out angiotensin-IV (Ang-IV) can facilitate memory acquisition and recovery, whether it also can improve cognitive functions of diabetic rats with cognition disorder and the possible mechanisms if it really can are yet unknown. In this study, 45 Sprague Dawley (SD)(More)
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