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In this study, we proposed and evaluated the use of the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) technique combined with phase synchronization analysis to investigate the human brain synchrony of the supplementary motor area (SMA) and primary motor area (M1) during complex motor imagination of combined body and limb action. We separated the EEG data of the SMA(More)
BACKGROUND High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a type of micro-invasive treatment of tumor. It is important to create a guideline for the volume and position of the necrotic field by means of a theoretical model, this being one of the key problems in the clinic application of HIFU. MATERIAL/METHODS Based on cellular thermo-necrotic theory, a(More)
This paper reviews the current developing situation of neuroprostheses which are based on the functional electrical stimulation (FES) technique and are used to provide limb movements. It also discusses the major challenges of neuroprostheses, which will be faced in the future development and in the clinical applications for the rehabilitation of spinal cord(More)
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