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Liquid-phase Micro-extraction Technique and Its Application in Toxicological Analysis
Liquid-phase micro-extraction(LPME) operation modes were classified based on the organic solvent state,the LPME equipment characteristics and the partition phase number.For each LPME operation
Preliminary study on the method for detecting IgM antibody to hepatitis C virus
Indirect ELISA for detecting IgM antibody to HCV was established based on recombinantantigens of HCV structural and nonstructural regions and suggested that AntiHCV lgM is a useful tool for clinical detection.
Expression and significance of miR-206 in pulmonary hypertension
The expression of miR-206 in rat lung tissue decreased after hypoxia exposure and serum miR -206 was also significantly decreased (P < 0.05), and the proliferation of PASMC cells was detected.
Discussion on intelligence application of drug technical analysis
The intelligence application of drug technique analysis combined with international drug change and some answer measures adopted by some countries are discussed.
Geological disaster assessment and preventive measures of copper pit mine of Guangxi Huaxi Group
This paper estimates geological disaster status and disaster prediction of copper pit mine of Guangxi Huaxi Group,puts forward corresponding preventive measures based on analyzing various geological
Comparative Study of Suppressive and Intermitant Valaciclovir Therapy for Preventing Genital Herpes Recurrence
The suppressive therapy of valaciclovir has good effect for preventing and delaying genital herpes recurrence, and is significantly better than the intermitant treatment.
Assessment of the stability of shoe sole pressure distribution
The results showed that the plantar dynamic pressures of youths were stable during they walk normally.
Development of latent blood footprints using amido black
Amido black can effectively develop the latent blood footprints on some porous surfaces and non-porous surfaces and the effect of development for the light-colored non- porous surfaces are better than other surfaces.
Spillover effect exerted by FDI on manufacturing industry and its effect to environment
  • Bai Yan-ping
  • Economics
    International Conference on Management Science…
  • 2012
After China joint WTO, taking the advantage of FDI has become a major source for the Beijing's manufacturing industry to absorb outside technology and maintain long-standing growth. The paper
EVIDENCE-BASED INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Efficacy of Externally Applied Chinese Herbal Drugs in Treating Psoriasis: A Systematic Review
The results showed that the side- effects that occurred in ex-CHD combined with UVB were less severe than those caused by UVB alone, but the incidence was roughly the same as WM.