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Neural stem cells (NSCs) transplantation is a promising strategy to restore neuronal relays and neurological function of injured spinal cord because of the differentiation potential into functional neurons, but the transplanted NSCs often largely diffuse from the transplanted site and mainly differentiate into glial cells rather than neurons due to the(More)
Due to irreversible neuronal loss and glial scar deposition, spinal cord injury (SCI) ultimately results in permanent neurological dysfunction. Neuronal regeneration of neural stem cells (NSCs) residing in the spinal cord could be an ideal strategy for replenishing the lost neurons and restore function. However, many myelin-associated inhibitors in the SCI(More)
  • Bai Xu
  • 2010
Communication industry is the basis of national economic development in China. With the economic development and the improvement of information, communication consumptions are increasing. As competitive as it is in the current situation of the communication industry, customer loyalty management becomes the kernel issue for the operators. Building customer(More)
In order to better reflect the service condition of the bridge and solve the problem that many subjective factors and uncertainty of the indexes weights existed in current bridge condition evaluation, based on the interval extension theory, the grading evaluation model for bridge condition by combining experts’ subjective weights and objective(More)
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