Bai-Sun Kong

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A novel logic family, called charge recycling differential logic (CRDL), has been proposed and analyzed. CRDL reduces power consumption by utilizing a charge recycling technique with the speed comparable to those of conventional dynamic logic circuits. It has an additional benefit of improved noise margin due to inherently static operation. The noise margin(More)
A CMOS charge pump based on a transfer blocking technique and a modified precharge scheme is proposed for avoiding reversion loss and relaxing the timing restrictions imposed on input clocks. Comparison results in an 80-nm CMOS process indicate that, with no loading current, the output voltage of the proposed charge pump reaches almost 98% of the ideal(More)
Blind-oversampling adaptive oversample-level decision feedback-equalized (DFE) receiver is presented for use in global onchip serial links. The blind oversampling is adopted to avoid receiver synchronization for reliable channel data reception, and the adaptive oversample-level DFE is used to reduce data-dependent jitter and ease oversampling data recovery(More)