Bai-Ping Xiao

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  • B Xiao
  • 1992
4 unrelated patients with infantile type (one case), late infantile type (one case), juvenile type (two case) of neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis were reported. The pathological study by brain biopsy was carried out with light and electron microscopes as well as histochemical methods. Ultrastructurally, the infantile type showed deposits of lipofuscin bodies,(More)
BACKGROUND There are few posterolateral approaches that do not require the common peroneal nerve (CPN) dissection. With the nerve exposure, it would pose a great challenge and sometimes iatrogenic damage over the surgical course. The purpose was to present a case series of patients with posterolateral tibial plateau fractures treated by direct exposure and(More)
To determine the dynamic alteration of the number of calbindin (CB)-positive interneurons in different hippocampal regions of epileptic rats. Rats were given lithium chloride followed by repeated pilocarpine administration to develop status epilepticus (SE). The degree of seizure was scored according to Racine’s scale. Histological examination was performed(More)
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