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Researchers have long converged that the evolution of a Social Networking Service (SNS) platform is driven by the interplay between users’ preferences (reflected in user-item consumption behavior) and the social network structure (reflected in user-user interaction behavior), with both kinds of users’ behaviors change from time to time. However, traditional(More)
An efficient and accurate kinematics modeling and computational approach is proposed for the direct and inverse kinematics solving of the Stewart parallel mechanism. The problem is formulated directly as a pose -attitude modeling and differential calculation problems using Lie group and Lie algebra. The velocity and acceleration equations are derived out by(More)
Two different control schemes about the control system and development of 3-UPU parallel robot research are proposed in this paper, which can realize three-dimensional translation. One of the schemes is using fuzzy PID control based on robot kinematics, the other is using the improved robust PI control based on robot dynamics. On the basis of the(More)
In online advertising, Click-Through Rate (CTR) prediction is a crucial task, as it may benefit the ranking and pricing of online ads. To the best of our knowledge, most of the existing CTR prediction methods are shallow layer models (e.g., Logistic Regression and Factorization Machines) or deep layer models (e.g., Neural Networks). Unfortunately, the(More)
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