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— The traffic congestion problem in urban areas is worsening since traditional traffic signal control systems cannot provide efficient traffic control. Therefore, dynamic traffic signal control in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) recently has received increasing attention. This study devises an adaptive and cooperative multi-agent fuzzy system for a(More)
In this paper we introduce a new method for source identification in digital image forensics. The proposed method uses local information of the inherent pattern of the camera, as a signature of the camera for source identification. Here the sensor pattern noise is used as the unique identification property of the camera. However due to content dependency of(More)
This paper addresses the design of a text-to-speech system for Azerbaijani Turkish language and also explains the database preparation for the system. Various speech synthesis methods are explained and some important linguistic features of Azerbaijani Turkish language are investigated. According to this features among the variety of synthesis methods,(More)
Nowadays the concatenative synthesis method is becoming more popular for the text to speech systems. The quality of synthetic speech is improving steadily, and the application field is also expanding rapidly. Today, speech synthesizers of various qualities are available as several different products for many common languages. In this paper, we give an(More)
Naturalness in Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems is very important in achieving high quality waveform. The naturalness of the waveform is highly correlated to phonetic coverage and prosodic features such as loudness, duration and pitch. This paper addresses the implementation of a prosodic TTS for Azeri. The TTS system to which the prosodic information is added,(More)