Bahram Saghafian

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The new generation of weather observatory satellites, namely Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) constellation satellites, is the lead observatory of the 10 highly advanced earth orbiting weather research satellites. Indeed, GPM is the first satellite that has been designed to measure light rain and snowfall, in addition to heavy tropical rainfall. This(More)
Pattern recognition is the science of data structure and its classification. There are many classification and clustering methods prevalent in pattern recognition area. In this research, rainfall data in a region in Northern Iran are classified with natural breaks classification method and with a revised fuzzy c-means (FCM) algorithm as a clustering(More)
In this study Active Learning Method (ALM) as a novel fuzzy modeling approach is compared with optimized Support Vector Machine (SVM) using simple Genetic Algorithm (GA), as a well known data-driven model for long term simulation of daily streamflow in Karoon River. The daily discharge data from 1991 to 1996 and from 1996 to 1999 were utilized for training(More)
Snowmelt provides a reliable water resource for meeting domestic, agricultural, industrial and hydropower demands. Consequently, estimating the available snow water equivalent is essential for water resource management of snowy regions. Due to the spatiotemporal variability of the snowfall pattern in mountainous areas and difficult access to high altitudes(More)
ABStrAct Streamflow forecasting is an important factor in water resources planning and management. In this study Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network (FFANN) was used for monthly streamflow forecasting. Three scenarios were considered for modeling. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is used for reducing the model architecture complexity and input data(More)
Sedimentation in reservoirs, in addition to reducing water storage capacity, causes serious environmental impacts including intensification of river erosion. Detection of sediment origins plays a determining role in control and prevention of sedimentation. Nowadays, with the help of studies on sedimentation and erosion, sediment origins can be detected with(More)
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