Bahram Malekmohammadi

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Wind energy is a renewable energy resource that has increased in usage in most countries. Site selection for the establishment of large wind turbines, called wind farms, like any other engineering project, requires basic information and careful planning. This study assessed the possibility of establishing wind farms in Ardabil province in northwestern Iran(More)
Understanding the spatiotemporal relationships between land use/cover changes (LUCC) and groundwater resources is necessary for effective and efficient land use management. In this paper, geographically weighted regression (GWR) and ordinary least squares (OLS) models have been expanded to analyze varying spatial relationships between groundwater quantity(More)
The impact of a natural disaster can cause contamination of water, breaking pipelines, structural damages, water shortages, and collapse of the entire system. In emergency or disaster situations water supply are imperative for the rapid return to normalcy. In this paper, water supply planning for emergency response after natural disasters has been studied.(More)
When a crosscountry railway is installed and operated, a hazard that would not otherwise be present is introduced. Society generally accepts that the benefits of this hazard for outweigh the increased risk. The title of this essay implies that railway risk assessment is something that should be managed. In order to manage something we must thoroughly(More)
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