Bahram Maleki

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One hundred and twenty-eight Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from fields of different ecological regions of Iran were collected to study the distribution and diversity of Dipteran-specific cry and cyt genes. The percentage of samples with Bt showed significant differences between different regions and also between different fields. The most Bt frequency was(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines the determinants of three types of child maltreatment: physical maltreatment, mental maltreatment, and child neglect among school children in the Kurdistan Province of Iran. The analysis examines the impact of socioeconomic, familial, demographic, and household dynamic factors on the three child maltreatment outcomes, and(More)
The two main objectives of this research were to identify new S-RNase alleles in Iranian almond cultivars and to characterize naturally occurring mutations in these alleles that may cause self-compatibility. We investigated S genotypes of 22 Iranian almond cultivars using stylar RNase electrophoresis, PCR and DNA sequencing. We report six previously(More)
Deaths from tuberculosis have long gripped people and threatened human health. The need for new drug compounds are critically sensed by medical scientists and practitioners due to the emergence of new strains and the slow rate of discovering novel medicines for this disease. Since plants are a rich source of diverse drug compounds, they are among the best(More)
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