Bahram Dehghan

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Economic dispatch (ED) is a noteworthy and valuable plan in the power grids for providing balance between the load and generation in a commercial manner. Actually, the practical ED is a non-convex nonlinear optimisation problem with some equality and inequality limits. Mathematically, the practical ED entails a prevailing solver to find the optimal(More)
Control theory for linear processes often acts as a suitable scientific method with powerful techniques for designing and analyzing the controllers which its results in the optimization of energy and better function of the system. In this Paper the linear parabolic solar power plant has been modeled via system identification, and Non linear model and its(More)
In this paper we will analyze and study a solar power plant of a linear parabolic type after introducing it. Monitoring system via the Internet is designed for the plant according to present parameters. Besides studying different dynamics of the Internet as important components we discuss the quality and effectiveness of each Internet parameter in order to(More)
In the present time, improvement of some fields like nanotechnology, low power design and quantum computing reversible logic circuit has emerged as a great prospect of research. With the help of using existing reversible gates a 4 bit reversible comparator based on classical logic circuit is represented. This work presents a BIST based architecture of a(More)
Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death by cancer among men in the world. Ultrasonography is said to be the safest technique in medical imaging so it is used extensively in prostate cancer detection. On the other hand, determining of prostate’s boundary in TRUS (Transrectal Ultrasound) images is very necessary in lots of treatment methods(More)
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