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We examine the behaviour of Killing spinors on AdS 5 under various discrete symmetries of the spacetime. In this way we discover a number of supersymmetric orbifolds, reproducing the known ones and adding a few novel ones to the list. These orbifolds break the SO(4, 2) invariance of AdS 5 down to subgroups. We also make some comments on the non-compact(More)
In this paper we have discussed various memory architectures for Quantum Dot Cellular automata. New architectures have been proposed and their comparison has been done on the basis of area and latency. A protocol for using the serial memory has been outlined. A hybrid memory has been proposed. It is shown that the hybrid memory can be used as a tradeoff(More)
— Quantum dot Cellular Automata (QCA) is a promising technology and can emerge alternative to the existing CMOS based technology. This paper presents a novel reduced design of a full adder both in size and delay. Next a reduced area multilayered Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is presented with significantly less delay. The designs have been verified and(More)