Bahniman Ghosh

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In this paper we have discussed various memory architectures for Quantum Dot Cellular automata. New architectures have been proposed and their comparison has been done on the basis of area and latency. A protocol for using the serial memory has been outlined. A hybrid memory has been proposed. It is shown that the hybrid memory can be used as a tradeoff(More)
We investigated the performance of spin transfer torque random access memory (STTRAM) cell with cross shaped Heusler compound based free layer using micromagnetic simulations. We designed the free layer using Cobalt based Heusler compounds. Here in this paper, simulation results predict that switching time from one state to other state is reduced. Also it(More)
We investigate spin polarized electron transport in ultra-thin Si-Core/Ge-Shell and GeCore/Si-Shell nanowire system using semi-classical Monte Carlo simulation method. Depolarization of electron’s spin occurs in nanowire mainly due to D’yakonov-Perel dephasing (DP-mechanism) and Elliott-Yafet dephasing (EY-mechanism). We studied the dependence of spin(More)