Bahman Zafarifar

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— This paper presents an algorithm for localization and classification of subtitles in TV videos. We extend an existing static-region detector with object-based adaptive temporal filtering, bounding box computation around blobs of refined static regions, bounding box categorization based on geometry and filling degree of static regions, and subtitle(More)
— This paper presents a skin detection algorithm for TV applications, and investigates the feasibility of its real-time implementation on a DSP and an FPGA platform. We present the details of the algorithm, which combines a flexible histogram-based color feature, and a color-constrained texture feature suitable for skin detection. First we show the(More)
Currently, television sets with flat plasma and LCD screens with improved resolutions and better color quality are emerging. To fully utilize their capabilities, lower resolution Standard Definition video material is enhanced. During such process, existing noise can become clearly visible , or additional artifacts may be introduced. These impairments are(More)
Current image enhancement in televisions can be improved if the image is analyzed, objects of interest are segmented, and each segment is processed with specifically optimized algorithms. In this paper we present an algorithm and feature model for segmenting grass areas in video sequences. The system employs adaptive color and position models for creating a(More)
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