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We developed a calcium signaling-based assay, using cultured human embryonic kidney cells (HEK), that evaluates simultaneously, the activation/desensitization or blockade of the proteinase-activated(More)
We have used three distinct bioassay systems (rat aorta (RA) relaxation; rat gastric longitudinal muscle (LM) contraction; human embryonic kidney 293 (HEK293) cell calcium signal) to evaluate the(More)
A cloned rat proteinase-activated receptor (PAR)(2)-expressing cell line (KNRK-rPAR(2)) was used to study the structure-activity relationships (elevated intracellular Ca(2+)) for a series of: 1)(More)
The effects of PAR2-activating PAR2-activating peptides, SLIGRL (SL)-NH2, and trans-cinnamoyl-LIGRLO (tc)-NH2 were compared with the action of trypsin, thrombin, and the PAR1 selective-activating(More)