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The date palm scale (DPS) Parlatoria blanchardi is a serious pest due to the damage it inflicts on its host tree (Phoenix dactylifera). To develop an effective control against DPS in arid regions, it is essential to know its bio-ecology including population dynamics and climatic factors influencing the duration and timing of life history and also the(More)
Tomato is one of the most important fruit vegetables for human consumption in Algeria. In recent years, the cultivation of this plant is experiencing a very rapid development. However, this speculation is confronted with several problems including plant health. The purpose of this study is to find biological ways to introduce them into an integrated control(More)
This study presents the first data describing the communities of insects and arachnida colonizing 4 aerial compartments of Populus nigra. In terms of temporal variation and total abundance, the analyses show that the communities are structurally and functionally different. It also appears that the taxonomic richness of the communities, and partly their(More)
The effects of a methanolic extract of the plant Haplophyllum tuberculatum (ME-Ht) and of teflubenzuron (TFB) were compared on several reproductive variables and ecdysteroid titers in the females of Locusta migratoria. The test products were administered orally to newly emerged females at doses of 1500 (ME-Ht) and 10μg/female (TFB). The methanolic extract(More)
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