Bahghtar Saeed

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BACKGROUND Morphological, proliferative, and genetic changes were studied in androgen-responsive LNCaP cells in response to growth in charcoal-stripped (CS) media. METHODS AND RESULTS Within 5 days of treatment, there were dramatic changes in the morphology and organization of LNCaP cells. The cells unclumped and acquired a distinct neuronal-like(More)
We are interested in studying the possibility of modulating prostatic cell growth by manipulating apoptosis. Here we show that 1 microM staurosporine (STS) induces a human androgen-independent prostatic tumor cell line, DU145, to undergo dramatic changes in morphology and results in programmed cell death. Several genes involved in apoptosis were analyzed(More)
Endothelins (ETs) are 21-amino acid peptides that bind to membrane receptors to initiate pathophysiological effects. This report characterizes ET receptors in benign prostatic hyperplasia-1 (BPH-1) cells, a prostate cell line isolated from a specimen of a 60-yr-old man with benign prostatic hyperplasia. [(125)I]ET-1 or -3 binding was of high affinity, with(More)
Potent and selective non-thiol-containing inhibitors of protein farnesyltransferase are described. FTI-276 (1) was transformed into pyridyl ether analogue 19. The potency of pyridyl ether 19 was improved by modification of the biphenyl core to that of an o-tolyl substituted biphenyl core to give 29. In addition to 0.4 nM in vitro potency, 29 displayed 350(More)
Farnesylation of Ras is required for its transforming activity in human cancer and the reaction is catalysed by the enzyme farnesyltransferase. Recently, we discovered a novel chemical series of potent farnesyl pyrophosphate (FPP) analogues which selectively inhibited farnesyltransferase. Our most potent compound to date in this series, A-176120,(More)
Synthesis and biological evaluation of heteroarenes as reduced cysteine replacements are described. Of the heteroaryl groups examined with respect to FT inhibitor FTI-276 (1), pyridyl was the replacement found to be most effective. Substitutions at C4 of the pyridyl moiety did not affect the in vitro activity. Compound 9a was found to have moderate in vivo(More)
Zhang, Yong, Upton, David, Jaber, Adel, Ahmed, Hamd, Saeed, Bakhtiar I., Mather, Peter, Lazaridis, Pavlos, Mopty, Alexandre, Tachtatzis, Christos, Atkinson, Robert, Judd, Martin, Vieira, Maria de Fatima Queiroz and Glover, Ian (2015) Radiometric Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring of Partial Discharge Sources in Electrical Substations. International Journal(More)
The synthesis and evaluation of analogues of previously reported farnesyltransferase inhibitors, pyridyl benzyl ether 3 and pyridylbenzylamine 4, are described. Substitution of 3 at the 5-position of the core aryl ring resulted in inhibitors of equal or less potency against the enzyme and decreased efficacy in a cellular assay against Ras processing by the(More)
Human bcl-2 family of genes including bcl-2, bcl-x-l, bcl-x-s, and bax has been shown to be functionally involved in apoptosis. We applied a yeast two-hybrid system to demonstrate that bcl-2, bcl-x-l, bcl-x-s, and bax proteins can interact with each other directly. All bcl-2 family members except bax were shown to be capable of homo-interactions. By using(More)
Two partial discharge (PD) measurement techniques, a contact measurement technique (similar to the IEC 60270 standard measurement) and a free-space radiation (FSR) measurement technique, are compared for the case of a floating electrode PD source. The discharge pulse shapes and PD characteristics under high voltage DC conditions are obtained. A comparison(More)