Bahareh Seyed Salehi

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BACKGROUND The role of vitamin D in Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is ambiguous and clinical trials are needed to assess the role of vitamin D in the treatment of AD. The aim of this clinical trial study to evaluate the effect of vitamin D supplementation on patients with AD. MATERIAL AND METHODS sixty AD patients were included in a randomized, double-blind,(More)
BACKGROUND Inorganic antibacterial factors provide high bacterial resistance and thermal stability. Inorganic nanomaterial consists of modern formulation, biological, chemical, and physical properties produced on the basis of their function and influenced by their nano scales, the reason for which they have become very popular. The antibacterial effect of(More)
For many centuries, the metals are used as the antibacterial factors. Whereas, the nanoparticles are mostly heavy metal oxides, they have a high tendency to interact with biological molecules and develop the deactivation or elimination of the virus or bacteria. In the present study, the antibacterial effect of Cadmium Oxide nanoparticles on Pseudomonas(More)
BACKGROUND Inorganic antibacterial factors have bacterial resistance and high thermal stability. Inorganic nanomaterials which have new structures with biological, chemical and physical properties have been made since their applications due to their nano size. In this study, the antibacterial effect of cadmium oxide nanoparticles on Staphylococcus aureus(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Most people who experience the acne suffer from damage under the surface of their skin which causes saucer-like depressions or pits on their skin. Sometimes the skin loses its underlying support and develops fibrous bands of tissue between the skin and subcutaneous layer, which pull on the epidermis and cause a wavy texture called(More)
Dear Editor, Beta Thalassemia major is a genetic disease with an autosomal recessive pattern and is differentiated by severe microcytic hypochromic hemolytic anemia with hepatosplenomegaly, ineffective erythropoiesis and bone marrow expansion. 1 The β-globin (HBB) gene coding for β-chain expression is located on a 50 kb globin gene cluster on the short arm(More)
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