Bahareh Rahmanzadeh Heravi

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Rapid evolution of the World Wide Web with its underlying sources of data, knowledge, services and applications continually attempts to support a variety of users, with different backgrounds, requirements and capabilities. In such an environment, it is highly unlikely that a single user interface will prevail and be able to fulfill the requirements of each(More)
User-generated content has become a valuable journalistic tool for news coverage and production. This convergence of new and old media, however, poses several challenges to established news organisations. Social media sites produce a wealth of data in the form of text, images and video that must be processed, compiled and verified within a very short(More)
Social media platforms have become an important source of information in course of a breaking news event, such as natural calamity, political uproar, etc. News organisations and journalists are increasingly realising the value of information being propagated via social media. However, the sheer volume of the data produced on social media is overwhelming and(More)
In course of a breaking news event, such as natural calamity, political uproar etc., a massive crowd sourced data is generated over social media which makes social media platforms an important source of information in such scenarios. The value of the information being propagated via social media is being increasingly realised by the news organisations and(More)
Social media, in particular Twitter, have been widely adopted in newsrooms for various purposes, including sourcing news leads and content, disseminating stories, soliciting user comments and driving traffic to corporate websites. This paper investigates the ways in which journalists use social media for sourcing and verification, and their attitudes(More)
Automation of business transactions between trading partners is an important factor in today's global business. XML based E-Business standards are developed to provide a shared understanding on what information to share, when and how between trading partners. However these standards can only capture the syntax of the transactions and not the semantics. This(More)