Bahar Haghighat

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— Fluid-mediated programmable stochastic self-assembly offers promising means to formation of target structures capable of a variety of functionalities. While miniaturized building blocks allow for finer resolutions in such structures, as well as access to unconventional environments, they can only be endowed with very limited on-board resources. In this(More)
Programmable stochastic self-assembly of modular robots provides promising means to formation of structures at different scales. Formalisms based on graph grammars and rule-based approaches have been previously published for controlling the self-assembly process. While several rule-synthesis algorithms have been proposed, formal synthesis of rulesets has(More)
Stochastic self-assembly provides promising means for building micro-/nano-structures with a variety of properties and functionalities. Numerous studies have been conducted on the control and modeling of the process in engineered self-assembling systems constituted of modules with varied capabilities ranging from completely reactive nano-/micro-particles to(More)
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