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Gender Revolution in Rojava: The Voices beyond Tabloid Geopolitics
ABSTRACT Kurdish women fighters of the Women’s Protection Unit, YPJ (Yekîneyên Parastine Jin) received considerable attention in Western Europe and the United States. They made the headlines of
Militancy, Reconciliation, Motherhood: A History of Kurdish Women’s Movements
In tracing three facets of the Kurdish women’s movement, which are the presentation of Kurdish women fighters as the historical protectors of Kurdish national culture in the form of ‘goddesses’; the
Lost Voices of Kurdish Cinema
The belated emergence and the visibility of the cinema by Kurdish filmmakers is widely interpreted as a reason to categorize it as part of transnational cinemas characterized by a lack of
Kurdish cinema
On the Aesthetic Regime of Kurdish Cinema: The Making of Kurdishness
Through my investigation, I expose the multiple layers of Kurdish cinema constructed by Kurdish films and directors, by academics working on Kurdish cinema, by Kurdish institutions, and by