Bahanur Cekic

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PURPOSE This study was intended to investigate the effect of dexmedetomidine on oxidative stress response in pneumoperitoneum established in rats. METHODS Animals were randomized into three groups, group S: with no pneumoperitoneum, group P: with pneumoperitoneum established, and group D: given 100 mcg intraperitoneal dexmedetomidine 30 min before(More)
  • R A Mashiyev, B Cekic, O M Buhrii
  • 2010
We discuss the problem − div |∇u| p(x)−2 ∇u = λ(a (x) |u| q(x)−2 u + b(x) |u| h(x)−2 u), for x ∈ Ω, u = 0, for x ∈ ∂Ω. where Ω is a bounded domain with smooth boundary in R N (N ≥ 2) and p is Lips-chitz continuous, q and h are continuous functions on Ω such that 1 < q(x) < p(x) < h(x) < p * (x) and p(x) < N. We show the existence of at least one nontrivial(More)
Osteoblastoma is a rare, solitary benign tumor that is usually situated in axial skeleton mainly in vertebra. It is rarely seen in ethmoid and frontal sinuses. A 40-year-old man who had osteoblastoma originated from frontal and ethmoidal sinuses that extends up to frontal lobe and gave rise to personality disorders by compressing the frontal lobe, and(More)
Nerve damage may occur in the pharyngolaryngeal region during general anesthesia. The most frequently injured nerves are the hypoglossal, lingual and recurrent laryngeal. These injuries may arise in association with several factors, such as laryngoscopy, endotracheal intubation and tube insertion, cuff pressure, mask ventilation, the triple airway maneuver,(More)
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