Bahaa I. Kazem

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Ultraviolet (UV)-induced chemical reactions and inactivation of microorganisms in transparent and opaque fluids are strongly dependent upon the homogenous exposure of the target species to the UV irradiation. Current UV technologies used in water disinfection and food preservation applications have limited efficacy due to suspended particles shading target(More)
In this work, a Modified Vector Field Histogram (MVFH) has been developed to improve path planning and obstacle avoidance for a wheeled driven mobile robot. It permits the detection of unknown obstacle to avoid collisions by simultaneously a steering the mobile robot toward the target; a regular grid map representation for a work space environment is(More)
In this paper, the design and implementation of an effective neural network model for turning process identification as well as a neural network controller to track a desired vibration level of the turning machine is as an example of using the neural network for manufacturing process control. Multi – Layer Perceptron (MLP) neural network architecture with(More)
The statistical and soft computing methods have been used to predict time series data from different fields. The different methods have been applied on same or different time series data. One method has been selected among the applied methods based error analysis. In this paper, an algorithm has been proposed to forecast the time series data based on(More)
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