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A number of methods have been used for the detection of the presence of microsarcocysts in animals, but little information exists on the value between the various methods. This study therefore examined for Sarcocystis spp. using three different methods in 105 samples of skeletal muscle collected from goats slaughtered in an abattoir in Selangor, Malaysia(More)
Technical Appendix Technical Appendix Figure 1. Places of residence in Peninsular Malaysia (left) of the schistosomiasis-infected Orang Asli from the 1970s. The origin of the patient from the current report is marked with a red X in a circle; previous cases are marked with green Xs without circles. Three cases in persons also infected with Schistosoma(More)
because it was obtained from a relative , and possible unreported drug-related travel by the patient to neighboring countries cannot be fully excluded. R. muelleri, the jungle rat and definitive host for S. malayensis, is often seen at river banks (4), and rodent feces could have contaminated the water with schistosome eggs. Future field studies are needed(More)
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