Bagus Santoso

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In this paper, we focus on verifiability of predicate encryption. A verifiable predicate encryption scheme guarantees that all legitimate receivers of a ciphertext will obtain the same message upon decryption. While verifiability of predicate encryption might be a desirable property by itself, we furthermore show that this property enables interesting(More)
This study was performed to determine whether students who are trained in developing a personal formulary become more competent in rational prescribing than students who have only learned to use existing formularies. This was a multicentre, randomised, controlled study conducted in eight universities in India, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the Russian(More)
Universally Composable (UC) framework provides the strongest security notion for designing fully trusted cryptographic protocols, and it is very challenging on applying UC security in the design of RFID mutual authentication protocols. In this paper, we formulate the necessary conditions for achieving UC secure RFID mutual authentication protocols which can(More)
In this paper, we consider a system where multiple sources are encrypted in separated nodes and sent through their respective public communication channels into a joint sink node. We are interested at the problem on protecting the security of an already existing system such above, which is found out to have correlated encryption keys. In particular, we(More)
Credit risk remains the dominant problem confronting banks. Nevertheless, banks need to identify, monitor and control credit risk as well as ensure capital adequacy to anticipate the risk (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (1999)). Basel II confirmed that financial institutions must have the ability to analyse credit models and internal ratings to(More)
The isomorphism of polynomials with two secret (IP2S) problem is one candidate of computational assumptions for post- quantum cryptography. The only identification scheme based on IP2S is introduced in 1996 by Patarin. However, the security of the scheme has not been formally proven and we discover that the originally proposed parameters are no longer(More)