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The objective of this study was to investigate changes in expression of mRNAs encoding FSH receptor (FSHr), LH receptor (LHr), cytochrome P450 side-chain cleavage (P450(scc)), cytochrome P450(More)
The objective of the present study was to examine changes in expression of mRNA encoding 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase delta4,delta5 isomerase (3beta-HSD) during recruitment and selection of(More)
A decrease in insulin-like growth factor (IGF) binding protein (BP) amount occurs within the follicular fluid of dominant ovarian follicles. At the same time, concentrations of follicular fluid IGF-I(More)
Extensive extracellular matrix remodelling occurs within the lifespan of the corpus luteum, particularly during corpus luteum formation and regression. A major mechanism for the regulation of(More)
In a previous study, the ERbeta cDNA protein-coding region was utilised to clone bovine ERbeta. The objectives in this study were to examine (1) ERbeta mRNA expression in ovarian follicles throughout(More)
Cows with ovarian follicular cysts were treated with progesterone to determine whether a reduction in LH concentrations and initiation of ovulatory follicular waves would occur. Cysts were diagnosed(More)